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Minutes from 2 Jan 2013

Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013

We had a great meeting this month!  In just under an hour, we got a lot of updates from different groups about several important Avenue issues.

Topics Covered:

  • Patrol Watch Update
  • Parks Committee: Kellogg Park & the Kaiser Grant
  • Updates on the Westside Plan
  • Presentation and Q&A with Code Enforcement

  1. Initial Business (10 minutes: 6:50-7:00 p.m.)(Art Troll)
    1. Introductions
    1. Approval of Minutes General Meeting November 7th, 2012 (NOTE: The WCC held its annual potluck in lieu of its regular monthly meeting in December. No December 2012 minutes.) (5 minutes) (Approval moved by Lori Steinhauer, 2nd by Peter Miller)
    1. Treasurer Report (Catherine Stanley)
$2500.87 (NOTE: SPECIAL THANKS to PETE and PEGGIE MARRIOTT for their generous donation of HOW MUCH, covering 6 months of rent at Bell Arts Factory.)

  1. Updates (20 minutes: 7:00-7:20 p.m.)
    1. Patrol Watch, Ventura Police Department (VPD) (Commander Tim Turner)
      1. Last 30 days on Avenue –
        1. Residential burglaries including charter school on De Anza Way. Mostly entries through open windows; also houses being fumigated for termites are being burglarized around the city.
        2. Eight stolen vehicles: Anyone who notices unfamiliar vehicles that appear not to belong in a neighborhood can/should provide license plates or VINs to VPD.
        3. Catalytic converter thefts continue – especially on Toyota pickups.
        4. Bike theft is up.
        5. River Bottom clearing. Checks are being made weekly. VPD is checking south of Shell Road. People still going in and sleeping there, but area remains clear of encampments/shelters.
        6. Hillside are also remaining clear of encampments.
        7. Questions or Reports? Call VPD.
            1. Sgt. Brunk, 805-339-4323
            2. Sgt. Fournell, 805-339-4470
            3. General # 805-339-4400
              1. Corporal Corbin, 805-339-4400, x1163
              2. Corporal Hixon, 805-339, 4400, x1166
    1. Park Committee – Kellogg Property / Pool / Kaiser Grant update (Jackie Pearce)
      1. Jeff Lambert, Community Development Director, City of Ventura, reported that City and Trust for Public Lands (TPL) are continuing negotiations for Kellogg Park land. January 14 to council to formalize city contract with TPL and authorize TPL to complete the offer. Good for city to hear from a few Westside residents to report.
      2. Letty Alvarez, Ventura County Public Health, reported that nominations on table for chair for A Lean West Ventura Coalition. Everyone is encouraged to attend meeting Jan. 16. Photo Voice of things residents thought would be needed to improve the Avenue will be some improvements. Some have already been made. Letty anticipates update on Kaiser-Permanent grant by next meeting. For information contact

    1. Hill Slide Committee (Theresa Satterfield)
Committee is coordinating with Selby Property on efforts to address hill slide issues.

    1. Westside Plan Committee (Lori Steinhauer and Suz Montgomery)
Suz Montgomery reported that discussions are in works for WCC to lead community meeting on plan to determine what Westside needs have been addressed and where concerns remain and how plan aligns with what Westside wants. Will incorporate all aspects of community – residents, business community, Latino outreach, etc. Letty Alvarez suggested support availability from VC Public Health and possibly in coordination with school district and possible site of EP Foster School. Lori Steinhauer noted that the Westside Community Council’s Westside Plan Position Paper addressing concerns and likes is available in 11/07/12 minutes packet and soon to be online.

Jeff Lambert, City of Ventura Director of Community Development, stated that the city is slowing down the process to ensure the plan reflects what the community wants. April or May is the time frame for the plan going to the City Planning Commission.

  1. New Business (30 minutes: 7:20-7:50 p.m. – includes 15 minutes presenter from 7:20-7:40 p.m.)
      1. Code Enforcement, Education of Ventura's Codes and Standards. Jamie Arnold, Sr. Code Enforcement Officer
        1. Jamie Arnold reported that Code Enforcement is here to support needs of community re. code enforcement. Brochures available for more information. 01/14/13 will be city code report to council – anticipated to be available online by 01/10/13.
        2. Halfway houses issue – Code Enforcement has begun to look into issue.
        3. Members were encouraged to share any concerns.
        4. Debris Removal Hotline (trash, debris, etc.) 805-677-3999
        5. For information contact Jamie Arnold, Senior Preservation Inspector, Code Enforcement, 805-654-7825,

    1. Announcements/Comments/Correspondence
      1. Art Troll shared WCC 2013 Goals identified by Board of Directors 12/26/12.
        1. More community involvement.
          1. Increase membership of WCC.
          2. More engagement in process.
          3. Everyone owns a task/mission.
          4. Spanish translation of meetings
        2. Expand into all committees with makeup that represents the Westside – i.e. more Latino community, etc.
        3. Time management.
        4. Coordinate and Emphasize Neighborhood Compatibility through Code Enforcement and Other Means –such as address issues and find solutions to saturations of halfway houses on Avenue – disproportionate amount.
        5. Grant writing and Fund raising
        6. Hill Slide Prevention, Intervention, Awareness — Impacts entire hillside.
        7. Strong and solid communication with Outreach and Communication Chair 2013 as base.
        8. Westside Plan – continue to move WCC position forward.
        9. Membership management process to be identified and formalized with membership expansion, donation encouragement (not requirement), receipt and accounting process.
        10. Values of 1. Cohesion, 2. Commitment to respectful problem-solving , 3. boldness.
        11. Minutes to indicate joint meeting of WCC and its Board. Board to meet monthly at least first couple of months/maybe entire first quarter, then quarterly board meeting and/or phone tree board meeting with minutes and email responses.
        12. General WCC is dark in July and has potluck in lieu of meeting in December, otherwise meets monthly.
      2. Stephen De Baun, Outreach & Communications Chair, announced new website up next month with agendas and minutes and opportunity for public to give input for agenda; today linked to survey for meeting time and will do straw poll for meeting time and day. Wednesdays wanted. 6:30p is earliest crowd can do.
        1. Seeking volunteer greeters. Volunteers/will be Jackie Pearce, Morrie Wills, Lori Steinhauer, Suz Montomgery, Theresa Satterfield.
        2. Suggestions made about culture, thanking those for membership, etc.
      3. – Evan Godell announced that he and a collaborative of people are looking to open a creative center and film group at the old Avenue School property between Stanley Avenue and Shell Road.


Art Troll, WCC Chair
Suz Montgomery, WCC Vice Chair
Ionia Kershaw, WCC Immediate Past President
Catherine Stanley, WCC Treasurer
Lori Steinhauer, WCC Secretary; WCC Westside Plan Committee, Chair
Stephen DeBaun, WCC Outreach & Communications Chair
Hilda Cordova Ayala, WCC Latino Community Representative
Theresa Satterfield, WCC Hill Slide Committee Chai
Jackie Pearce, WCC Parks Committee Chair
Letty Alvarez, Ventura Conty Public Health
Jeff Lambert, Community Development Director, City of Ventura
Jamie Arnold, Senior Preservation Inspector Code Enforcement, Community Development, City of Ventura
Tim Turner, Watch Commander, Ventura PD 
Arlene Martinez, Ventura County Star
Chelsee St. John
Eric Warbolowski
Evan Godell
Felipe Flores, Habitat for Humanity
Harvey Weinberg
Jet Kauffman
John Hankins, Resident
John Kilburn, Resident
Kaye Ford
Morrie Wills, Resident
Olivia Dudley
Paul Edwardson
Peter Miller
Sabrriee Selrofer
Susan Aquino, Resident
Ted Dewire
Vickie Peters

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