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Minutes from 3 April 2013

Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013
We covered two important topics at last month's meeting: the Westside Community Development Corporation, and the planned expansion to Westview.

  1. Initial Business (10 minutes: 6:30-6:40 p.m.)
    1. Introductions – and welcoming to all, and to new City Manager, Mark Watkins, and special thanks to City Council Members Cheryl Heitmann (Deputy Mayor), Christy Weir, Jim Monahan, and Brian Brennan.

    1. Approval of Minutes General Meeting March 6, 2013
Sonia Kroth made a first on the motion. Suz Montgomery made a second. Minutes approved.
    1. Treasurer Report , Catherine Stanley
$2179.69 in treasury.

  1. Updates (25 minutes: 6:40-7:05 p.m.)
    1. Patrol Watch, Ventura Police Department Commander Tim Turner
Prospect and Ramona-Simpson areas have had increase in burglaries. Lock windows and doors.

Homeless count usually 130 plus and down to 80

Questions or Reports? Call VPD.
    1. General # 805-339-4400
    2. Sgt. Brunk, 805-339-4323
    3. Sgt. Fournell, 805-339-4470
    4. Corporal Corbin, 805-339-4400, x1163
    5. Corporal Hixon, 805-339, 4400, x1166

    1. Community Preservation (Code Enforcement), Andrew Stuffler, Chief Building Official
Community can still submit survey. Input as expected – people want property kept up.
Complaints can be submitted and anonymously if needed, and Community Preservation team can make outreach before making formal complaint.
Need to contact Community Preservation:
      1. Debris Removal & Graffiti Hotline (trash, debris, etc.) 805-677-3999
      2. For information contact Jamie Arnold, Senior Preservation Inspector, Code Enforcement, 805-654-7825,

    1. Park Committee – Kellogg Property/Pool, Jackie Micaela Pearce/Suz Montgomery/Elena Brokaw, City of Ventura Community Development Department
Elena announced that deal closed and TPL got $150,000 grant recently toward purchase. Last week city staff, TPL staff met with potential partners for another grant and have received positive feedback.

City wants Kellogg Park work group to focus on fund-raising, outreach, design, interim uses – this will be joint group of WCC, City Parks and Recreation Staff, and City Parks and Recreation Commission. From Westside Community Council participants; work group will be chaired by Jim Rice (WCC Board Member) and will include WCC Board Member Suz Montgomery (also a City Parks and Recreation Commissioner) as well as WCC Board Member Jackie Micaela Pearce, and WCC participants Maria Perez, Shayna Metzner, and CAUSE representative Miguel Rodriguez.

WCC Chair Troll stated that the city purchase and coming to fruition of Kellogg Park is the end result of a community being engaged and involved.

    1. Hill Slide Committee (Hill Slide/Mission Aqueduct), Virgil Nelson, Theresa Satterfield
Sonia Kroth provided the update on behalf of Theresa Satterfield. Recent meetings have taken place between WCC Hill Slide Committee, City of Ventura staff, Selby property owner staff, County Supervisor Steve Bennett’s office (Brian Brennan – also a City Council Member), and a request has been made for more WCC board representation, so WCC Board members Suz Montgomery and Jackie Micaela Pearce will be the additional representatives.

Also, the city is providing a tour of the Mission Aqueduct along the hillside on May 12 from 1 to 3 p.m. for $25.

Discussions are in the works exploring the WCC conducting a free aqueduct tour in the future.

    1. Westside Plan Committee – Westside Vision – Eng/Spanish, Lori Steinhauer, Suz Montgomery
Updates are in process with anticipated completion in May.

    1. Communications and Outreach, Stephen DeBaun
Stephen announced that people can sign up for the e-distribution at (and those who sign in are added to the e-distribution list and then sent a confirmation request as a final step); and he explained that people can complete a name badge to be printed and available at each meeting.

    1. Arts Updates, Jim Rice
Flyers distributed for family movie night in English and Spanish. April 14. Life of Pi. Free. Partner wiih Salzer’s, Ventura Co-Op and CAUSE. Serving healthy snacks. Shopping at Food Share for snacks. Program 6 to 8p.m. Encourage walking or riding bikes.

    1. Ventura County Public Health Updates, Claudia Castaneda for Letty Alvarez, VC Public Health
Tobacco Cessation free a Bell Arts starting May 2 every Thursday 5:30 to 8:30. Also, new West Ventura HEAL Zone Co-Chair Maria Perez reported that the next West Ventura HEAL Zone Coalition meeting is 4/17/13 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Bell Arts. Walking the Avenue and surviving info will be presented. Child care, food, and translation are available.

    1. Habitat for Humanity, Felipe Flores
Come join volunteers to finish and dedicate first Westside home rehab project on April 13 at 227 W. Prospect St. Program begins at 9 a.m. Rededication ceremony after 2 p.m. First of many homes we want to get to. Partners City and CAUSE and others and CDBG money. Surfrider leading landscape for this – Laura Bauer and Paul Herzog. Ocean Friendly Gardens Program through Surfrider designed to reduce runoff and plant environment-friendly plants. We will put in food garden, native plantings and drought tolerant lawn.
    1. Project Understanding, Jim Duran
879 served and includes 12 foster families benefitting from our food pantry. Volunteers include clients/former clients. 7 new clients in our H to H program. 3 formerly homeless people now housed. Helped prevent 3 families from going homeless. 3 openings in maternity home, Tender Life. 3 people there now – 1 pregnant, 2 had babies. Clients are there for up to 6 months after birth. 5 families in our transition program. Tutored hundreds of individuals.
    1. State Assemblyman Das Williams’ Office update, Amisha De Young
Transportation bill – AB 664 to make transit district – would make more funding available and make grants more obtainable.

Budget challenge event April 18 at Antioch University in Santa Barbara by State Assemblyman Das Williams and State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson. Topic: How to advocate for change.

  1. New Business (20 minutes: 7:05-7:25 p.m.)
    1. Westside Community Development Corp (WCDC), Curtis Cormane
Curtis is the new executive director for the WCDC. Josh Addison is the Board of Directors chairman of the WCDC. The WCDC is a Community Based Development Organization (CBDO). A CBDO allows for neighborhood revitalization, energy conservation, and related projects. It can obtain and use Community Development Block Grant money from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development every year for Westside activities, projects, and programs.

Curtis stated that the WCDC would like to invite WCC attendees to be members, he passed out forms and advised that there is no cost. He stated that the WCDC wants to hear from the community about what projects the community wants the WCDC to pursue. Curtis described the WCDC as an active partner in the WCC. He stated that one goal of the WCDC is to help Westside residents, especially seniors, to stay in the community and in a healthy and safe environment.

WCDC boundaries are the Westside valley between hills and ocean and the north end of the city. 51% of members need to be low to moderate income.
Josh Addison acknowledged Art and Sharon Troll’s work for the past decade in obtaining this federal designation and funding vehicle. He invited WCC attendees to consider being on WCDC board of directors.
WCC Chair Troll, who is on both boards (WCC and WCDC) stated that there are only a few CDBOs on the West Coast, and they provide a funding vehicle to build housing and community programs, and most importantly they build community and improve quality of life.

WCDC bylaws available at 50 West Main St., Ventura. For information, call 805-320-7752.

    1. City of San Buenaventura Housing Authority Proposed Expansion, Dan Hardy, Senior Developer
Dan Hardy with Ventura Housing Authority and Dan and architect Laurel Gilette.
Westview is long-time affordable housing project bound by Barnett, Riverside, Vince, and Olive.

Issues with accessibility, mold, ventilation, led based paint, and electrical require changes to current property.

New 3-phase plan would take Westview from 180 affordable apartment units currently to 360 units at build-out.

Majority of buildings in phase 1 and in all 3 phases overall would be 3 stories with upper units accessible via elevators.

Currently Westview buildings mostly are 1-story in a park-like setting with a lot of green space and trees that would be lost to current design.

The new design would include courtyards on the inside of the complex.

The Housing Authority is asking the City to approve a zone change to bring in consistency with general plan for residential high to take from r35 to r31 zone. The Housing Authority also is asking for approval for this phase of the project only and will be coming back for phase 2 or 3. The plan for the project would not require an Environmental Impact Report.

Phase 1 of the 3 is the only phase currently coming forward and would bring the number of units at Westview from current 180 to a total of 254 units upon completion. The breakdown would be as follows: Demolish 46 of the existing 180 units and add 35 one-bedroom senior units of various sizes and 85 non-senior-specific units – among non-senior-specific would be 6 one-bedrooms (735 square feet), 40 two-bedrooms (978 to 1,000 square feet), 35 three-bedrooms (around 1,700-square feet), and 4 four-bedrooms (around 2,000 square feet. Currently, Westview does not have any senior-specific housing.

Residents living at Westview currently would be moved off site and would have first rights on moving back in.

Celia Zavala, who lives at Westview and is on the Housing Authority Residents Council there requested project support based on the need for more affordable housing and alleviating unsafe overcrowding.

Wanda Sumner, vice president of the Housing Authority Residents Council at Westview stated that in her experience Westview has been a safe and desirable community to live in. She added that Ventura needs more safe and affordable places to live.

Overall support was stated for more affordable housing.

Concerns were expressed about and more information was requested regarding the loss of trees and green space, the design elements in relation to safety, parking, and energy efficiency, and the plan to have no environmental impact statement on the project. Questions were raised about impacts on schools, roads, and water supply.

    1. Announcements/Comments/Correspondence
      1. April 13 Habitat for Humanity project, Felipe Flores and Morris Wills
      2. April 27 WCC and WCDC Community Cleanup Day, Art Troll
      3. Brian, Ventura High, wants to start WCC youth group
      4. Check out Green Art People
      5. Adjourn at 803 p

Adjournment Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.


Art Troll, WCC Chair Suz Montgomery, WCC Vice Chair
Catherine Stanley, WCC Treasurer Lori Steinhauer, WCC Secretary; WCC Westside Planning Committee, Chair
Stephen DeBaun, WCC Outreach & Communications Chair Jackie Pearce, WCC Parks Committee Chair
Jim Rice, WCC Arts Representative (Bell Arts Factory) Cheryl Heitmann, Ventura Deputy Mayor
Christy Weir, Ventura Councilwoman Jim Monahan, Ventura Councilman
Brian Brennan, Ventura City Councilman and Representative of Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett Mark Watkins, Ventura City Manager
Tim Turner, Watch Commander, Ventura PD
Elena Brokaw, Ventura Community Development
Andrew Stuffler, Chief Building Official, Ventura Community Preservation Claudia Castaneda, Ventura County Public Health
Amisha DeYoung, Office of State Assemblyman Das Williams Arlene Martinez, Ventura County Star
Annette Hines, Resident Brad Clark, Neighborhood Preservation
Celia Zavala, Housing Authority Resident Council Curtis Cormane, Westside Community Development Corporation
Dan Hardy, City of San Buenaventura Housing Authority David Gonzalez, CAUSE
Donnet Montanez Eloise O’Shields
Eric Warbolowski Glenn Reilly, Resident
Felipe Flores, Habitat for Humanity Jan Dietrick
Jane Tucker Jared McEntyre
Jason Brock, Good Jenny Buckingham
Jim Duran, Project Understanding Joan Aston, Resident
John Hankins John Kilburn
Josh Addison Kathy Bremer
Kaye Ford, Resident Kelly Flanders, City of Ventura
Laura Bauer, Surfrider Foundation Laurel Gillette, KTGY
Lorena Cuevas, Resident Marcus Van, CAUSE
Maria Perez, West Vta HEAL Zone Co-Chair Miguel Rodriguez, CAUSE
Mike Barton Paul Herzog, Surfrider Foundation
Ron Whitehurst Ruben Cuevas, Resident
Shayna Metzner Sherry Cargnino
Sonia Kroth, Resident Suky Reilly, Resident
Salvador, Resident Sergio, Resident
Ted Cargnino Tomas Luna, Resident
T revor Gotsman, Resident Wanda Sumner, Housing Authority Residents Council
62 people, translation in Spanish, 4 City Council Members and New City Manager. Thanks, all!

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