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Minutes from 6 March 2013

Posted on Monday, April 1, 2013

More great park news, a new board member was added, and news about the Westside Cleanup Day!

  1. Initial Business (10 minutes: 6:30-6:40 p.m.)
    1. Introductions /Board Member Updates and Additions

    1. Board Member Addition
WCC accepted the addition of Jim Rice as the WCC Arts Representative on the Board of Directors. Nomination was made by Art Troll, Seconded by Pete Marriott.

    1. Approval of Minutes General Meeting February 6, 2013

    1. Treasurer Report
$2,240.69 is in WCC treasury.

  1. Updates (10 minutes: 6:40-6:50 p.m.)
    1. Patrol Watch, Ventura Police Department Sgt. Fournell – Main and Ventura electronic reader about increase in residential burglaries. Increase too in vehicle burglaries. Homeless removal in Ventura River Bottom has been successful but relocation to Santa Clara River.

      1. Questions or Reports? Call VPD.
          1. Sgt. Brunk, 805-339-4323
          2. Sgt. Fournell, 805-339-4470
          3. General # 805-339-4400 or 805-654-8010
          4. Crimestoppers (RIGHT?)1-800-222-TIPS
            1. Corporal Corbin, 805-339-4400, x1163
            2. Corporal Hixon, 805-339, 4400, x1166

    1. Code Enforcement, Andrew, Senior Code Enforcement Officer
Property maintenance. Doing survey from community and will report to City Council – re. how private properties are being maintained. Provided cards. Announced April 15 council meeting presentation.

    1. Parks –
Deputy Mayor Cheryl Heitmann announced that escrow has closed on Kellogg Park.

WCC Vice Chair Suz Montgomery reported that the city is working on the next steps and will be providing an update shortly.

Miguel Rodriguez announced that the Trust for Public Lands would hold a 6 a.m. photoshoot for kids and adults at Kellogg Park on Monday, 3/11/13.

    1. Hillslide – Theresa Satterfield reported that the committee leadership has met with hillside property owners and will have a meeting with them and city and county and possibly other key players on March 14.

    1. Westside Plan Committee – see below.

    1. Habitat for Humanity – deferred to Project Understanding – Jim Duran, Project Understanding, reported that Project Understanding served 314 families last month – 700 people – they can come in once a month – for food and related needs. 5 people got off streets and into homes. 6 in pipeline to be housed this month. In 2-month period, Project Understanding has helped get 12 people into housing and off the streets. Project Understanding provides shower and laundry, too, for eligible participants. Project Understanding also does case management for permanent supportive housing and has maternity home – Tender Life – teach new parents how to be parents. Tutoring, too. Can bring food directly to Project Understanding and/or donate through Food Share, from where Project Understanding gets food. Donna O’Neil suggested bringing food for Project Understanding to each month’s meeting.

    1. Office of Assemblyman Das Williams – Darcel Elliott provided updates on legislation about pesticide conrol, transportation improvements (groundwater monitoring to protect water/resources in relation to fracking. Office to have April 27 meet and greet. June 8 summit expo for green jobs.

  1. New Business (40 minutes: 6:50-7:30 p.m.)

  1. Westside Plan and Code – Lori Steinhauer (30 minutes, 6:50-7:25 p.m.)
Lori Steinhauer presented the Westside Vision paper with copies available in English and soon to be available in Spanish and invited public input. Jeff Lambert noted that he has reviewed the draft vision, and it looks on first glance like it would be workable for the most part. Miguel Rodriguez discussed the importance of affordable housing and more parks, ideally through joint use agreements between school district and city. Rachel Morris asked that Bike Plan be incorporated.

    1. A LEAN West Ventura/Photovoice, Letty Alvarez, VC Public Health (6:50-7:00 p.m.)
West Ventura Youth Ivan Saenz showed vision of PhotoVoice, part of HEAL Zone, spotlighting opportunities for improving the Westside. Letty also mentioned that free fruits and vegetables are being handed out at Westpark at 10a March 20. And March 23 is walking audit of Ventura Avenue; volunteers being sought.

    1. Announcements/Comments/Correspondence (5 minutes, 7:25-7:30 p.m.)

    1. Art Troll reported that April 27 is Westside Community Cleanup. Bring Ewaste, batteries, tires, reusable items, etc. to Ventura Unified School District offices on Stanley. Westside Community Development Corp. sponsors. This event is free of charge and runs from 8 a.m. to noon. Volunteers are needed.

    1. Art Troll recommended a banner at Kellogg Park site noting This is Future Park.

    1. Art Troll lauded WCC’s prior beautification efforts at Stanley and Highway 33 and noted that efforts need to continue.

    1. Sonia Kroth reported that through April 13 volunteer income tax assistance is available in English and Spanish. Call 211 for details.

    1. Jim Rice reported that family movie nights (Englilsh/Spanish) will begin soon at Bell Arts.

    1. Adjourn. Suz Montgomery moved adjournment. Art Troll seconded. Adjourned.

Art Troll, WCC Chair
Suz Montgomery, WCC Vice Chair
Catherine Stanley, WCC Treasurer
Lori Steinhauer, WCC Secretary; WCC Westside Plan Committee, Chair
Stephen DeBaun, WCC Outreach & Communications Chair
Hilda Cordova Ayala, WCC Latino Community Representative
Jim Rice, Bell Arts Factory
Theresa Satterfield, WCC Hill Slide Committee Chair Representative
Deputy Mayor of Ventura Honorable Cheryl Heitmann

Sgt. John Fournell, Ventura PD
Jeff Lambert, Community Development Director, City of Ventura
Andrew Stuffler, City of Ventura
Letty Alvarez, Ventura County Public Health
Amisha DeYoung, Office of State Assemblyman Das Williams
Arlene Martinez, Ventura County Star
Annette Hines
Brandon McConnell
Claudia Castaneda
Claudia Orozco
Darcel Elliott, Office of Assemblyman Das Williams
Dawn Dyer
Donna O’Neil
Donnet Montanez
Eloise O’Shields
Eric Oltmann
Eric Warbolowski
Florencio Fregoso
Glenn Reilly
Graciela Tolentino
Harvey Weinberg
Ivan Saenz
Jayne Tucker
Jim Duran, Project Understanding and son Paul
John Hankins, Resident
John Kilburn, Resident
KK Holland, Office of State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson
Lee O’Neil
Leslie Purcell
Lynne Okun
Lynn Mikelatos
Maria Perez
Mark Gasart
Mary Jane Bauleke
Matthew Hoffman, Resident
Michael Mora
Miguel Rodriguez
Mona Redfern
Montanez Donnet
Nancy Sullivan
Pete Marriott
Rachel Morris, VC Cool
Richard Bauleke
Shaida Baharloo, City of Ventura
Shayna Metzner
Sherry Cargnino
Sonia Kroth
Suky Reilly
Susan Aquino, Resident
Susan Van Abel
Tad Dwyer
Tomas Luna
At least 64 attendees – English translation, youth representation. Thanks to all!!!

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