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Minutes from 1 May 2013

Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Last month we talked about the successful April community cleanup event!

  1. Initial Business (10 minutes: 6:30-6:40 p.m.)
    1. Introductions –Chair Troll welcomed everyone with special thanks to Deputy Mayor Cheryl Heitmann and Councilman Andrews and Councilman Monahan for attending.
    2. Approval of Minutes General Meeting April 3, 2013
Sonia Kroth made a first on the motion. Suz Montgomery made a second. Minutes approved.
    1. Treasurer Report , Catherine Stanley
Treasurer Catherine Stanley reported that there is$2423.68 in treasury.

  1. Updates (25 minutes: 6:40-7:05 p.m.)
    1. Patrol Watch, Ventura Police Department Commander Tim Turner
Shooting Sunday. Victim is expected to survive. Seeking any information.
Recent crime:
Avenue/Westside – 9 res burglaries, 3 veh burglaries, shooting 04/21/13, 700 block Ventura Ave.
Citywide – 97 vagrant, 95 bike thefts, lawn furniture, garden hoses also targeted.
Going through recyclables is illegal – please report. Trash – shred because trash not is of value – removing trash is not but identiy theft is – don’t let it happen.

Questions or Reports? Call VPD.
    1. General # 805-339-4400
    2. Sgt. Harbert, 805-339-4429
    3. Sgt. Fournell, 805-339-4470
    4. Corporal Corbin, 805-339-4400, x1163
    5. Corporal Hixon, 805-339, 4400, x1166

    1. Neighborhood Preservation (Code Enforcement), Andrew Stuffler, Chief Building Official
Current focuses are sign enforcement on Ave and vacant and abandon buildings.

Complaints can be submitted and anonymously if needed, and Community Preservation team can make outreach before formalizing a complaint.
Need to contact Community Preservation:
      1. Debris Removal & Graffiti Hotline (trash, debris, etc.) 805-677-3999
      2. For information contact Jamie Arnold, Senior Preservation Inspector, Code Enforcement, 805-654-7825,

    1. Park Committee – Kellogg Property/Pool, Jackie Micaela Pearce/Suz Montgomery/Jim Rice/Elena Brokaw, City of Ventura Community Development Department
Jackie reported that the sign raising was April 25th. Also, Kellogg Park work group has formed with focus on fund-raising, outreach, design, interim use. This is joint group of WCC, City Parks and Recreation Staff, and City Parks and Recreation Commission. From Westside Community Council participants; work group will be chaired by Jim Rice (WCC Board Member) and will include WCC Board Member Suz Montgomery (also a City Parks and Recreation Commissioner) as well as WCC Board Member Jackie Micaela Pearce, and WCC participants Maria Perez, Shayna Metzner, and CAUSE representative Miguel Rodriguez. Sharon Troll and Angie Hecht also on committee representing Parks and Recreation Commission.

Elena Brokaw reported that the group meets the last Wednesday of every month 6:30 pm at City Hall. Next will meet May 29. Goals would include maybe a playing field and walking path around the park and movies there in near future.

    1. Hill Slide Committee (Hill Slide/Mission Aqueduct), Virgil Nelson, Theresa Satterfield
Theresa reported that talks continue between WCC Hill Slide Committee, City of Ventura staff, Selby property owner staff, County Supervisor Steve Bennett’s office (Brian Brennan – also a City Council Member).

Avenue Hillside Prevention Committee is changing to Selby Open Space Committee.

The city is providing a tour of the Mission Aqueduct along the hillside area May 12 from 1 to 3 p.m. for $25. Discussions are in the works exploring the WCC conducting a free aqueduct tour in the future.

    1. Westside Planning Committee/Revite Committee – Westside Vision - Eng/Spanish, Housing Authority –, Art Troll, Lori Steinhauer
Updates to the Vision are in process with anticipated completion in May. The Board has begun to examine the affordable housing breakdown in the city’s housing allocations and will be sharing that information in an upcoming report and also that information should be available from the city.

The San Buenaventura Housing Authority presented the first phase of the 3-phase project to the city Design Review Committee and Planning Commission last month and is expected to bring forward a zoning change for increased density this month. Ultimate plan is to double the size. WCC Westside Planning/Revite Committee is continuing to assess as is the city – waiting for more information on impacts and how they will be addressed.

Westside Planning Committee is the Revite Committee – and will officially be called the Revite Committee, which used to hear projects but had been dormant since no new projects in recent years. All planning proposals on the Westside have been referred to this committee.

    1. Communications and Outreach, Stephen DeBaun
Lori announced that people can sign up for the e-distribution at (and those who sign in are added to the e-distribution list and then sent a confirmation request as a final step) via email.

    1. Arts Updates, Jim Rice
Jim reported anti-bullying campaign art show on first Friday this week 05/03/13. Have garden here at Bell Arts. Free movie night 30-40 people at first one. Next is May 12. Food Share, Salzer’s and other partners. Participants receive bag of groceries.

    1. Ventura County Public Health, HEAL Zone, Letty Alvarez, VC Public Health (See below)
Claudia reported next meeting 5/8/13. Looking at doing outreach in next few months.

    1. Habitat for Humanity and April 13 event report, Felipe Flores
Mary Jane reported. Ocean Friendly Garden. 227 YES W. Prospect. Habitat and Surfrider. Jackie noted a goal is to replicate process at our future park. Another opportunity at Will Rogers Elementary School May 11, 18, and 25. Many Avenue kids go there. Another Ocean Friendly Garden going in there.

    1. Project Understanding, Jim Duran
Jim Duran reported past month over 100 people a week, 30 foster families, 16 senior citizens on meal programs, budgeting help kept 3 families in home, 13 others with housing assistance, 5 others off streets into housing, more than 1,000 individuals helped with food.

    1. State Assemblyman Das Williams’ Office update, Amisha De Young
Amisha stated that now have office into Connect Ventura, 805-641-3700, 50 W. Main St., Ventura, CA 93001.

Das working on housing resolution to help address homelessness problem.

    1. Westside Development Corp, Curtis Cormane
Successful April 27 community cleanup. Looking at taking this to neighborhoods directly next year. Westside housing revitalization. Habitat for Humanity partnership.13 homes qualified. Interested? let us know.

    1. April 27 WCC and WDB Community Cleanup Day, Art Troll
School facilities at Stanley Avenue. Taking in E-waste, tires, metals, appliances, trash, recyclables, wood, thrift store items for Boys & Girls Club thrift store on Ventura Avenue. Next year may do block by block in conjunction with Habitat or – several cleanups. Early days did on area streets in neighborhoods. Harrison provided containers paid for with CDBG funds from City of Ventura. 60 tires off street – no cost.

    1. Latino Rep - Hilda – On behalf of Latino community thank you for park – thanks, City Council, Kaiser, CAUSE, community members.

    1. HEAL Zone Walking Tour (Jim Rice and Claudia Castaneda
Jim Rice reported: Walking audit. Statistics were staggering re. number of pedestrian and/or bike-related accidents on Avenue. One participant had stroller, which demonstrated scope of some of the navigational problems – puts you out on the street with ruts before taking you to safe destinations. It’s a free-for-all. Crosswalks not painted and not visible and/or not here. Need safe access to park and around here. Art reported that one of the HEAL Zone committees is looking at lobbying more signals and safe crossing treatments and that cross walk at Kellogg Park and Ventura Avenue being funded with HEAL Zone grant from Kaiser Permanente. Reminder that it’s not legal to ride bike on sidewalk. Deputy Mayor Heitmann stated that CDBG funds are possible resource for these types of improvements.

    1. Youth Engagement, Suz Montgomery
Vice Chair Suz Montgomery introduced Donnet Montanez, who asked for anyone who is interested in joining him to start a youth committee to let him know. WCC to explore.

    1. Announcements/Comments/Correspondence
Councilman Neal Andrews announced that June 1 is Summerfest.

Maria Perez announced that she will be speaking at HEAL Zone meeting in Los Angeles about how Westside acquired park – thank you to Kaiser Permanente and to everyone in the room for the support.

Councilman Jim Monahan noted a campaign to replace American flags and have the new ones up on Ventura Avenue for Independence Day -- $25 per flag. Westside Community Council has been generous in supporting this effort.

Kathy Bremer announced that the maps are available for the Ventura River Parkway and provided some – they cover the area from the estuary at the beach to Matillija Dam.

Meeting adjourned.

Art Troll, WCC Chair
Suz Montgomery, WCC Vice Chair
Catherine Stanley, WCC Treasurer
Lori Steinhauer, WCC Secretary; WCC WestsideRevite/Planning Committee, Chair
Jackie Pearce, WCC Parks Committee Chair
Hilda Ayala, WCC Latino Community Representative
Jim Rice, WCC Arts Representative (Bell Arts Factory)
Theresa Satterfield, WCC Hill Slide Committee Alt Chair
Sharon Troll, Past WCC Chair
Curtis Cormane, Westside Community Development Corporation
Cheryl Heitmann, Ventura Deputy Mayor
Councilman Neal Andrews
Jim Monahan, Ventura Councilman
Tim Turner, Watch Commander, Ventura PD
Andrew Stuffler, Chief Building Official, Ventura Community Preservation
Elena Brokaw, Ventura Community Development
Claudia Castaneda, Ventura County Public Health
Amisha DeYoung, Office of State Assemblyman Das Williams
Arlene Martinez, Ventura County Star
Christine – translator
Annette Hines, Resident
Bob Warnagieris, Ventura County Civic Alliance
Connie Smith
Courtney Lindberg, City of Ventura
Dan Hardy, City of San Buenaventura Housing Authority
Donnet Montanez
Eloise O’Shields
Eric Warbolowski
Erik Nasarenko
Glenn Reilly, Resident
Harvey Weinberg
Jan Dietrick
Jason Brock, Good
Jim Duran, Project Understanding
John Hankins
John Kilburn
Kathy Bremer
Kaye Ford, Resident
Kaye Zerbes
Kiki Marozzi
Lorena Cuevas, Resident
Maria Perez, West Vta HEAL Zone Co-Chair
Mary Yurchisin
Mary Jane Baulthe
Miguel Rodriguez, CAUSE
Pete Marriot
Roger Case
Ron Whitehurst
Ruben Cuevas, Resident
Shayna Metzner
Sherry Cargnino
Sonia Kroth, Resident
Suky Reilly, Resident
Susan Aquino
Tomas Luna, Resident

55 people, translation in Spanish, 3 City Council Members. Thanks, all!

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