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Minutes from 4 September 2013

Posted on Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Lots of things happening in September...

  1. Initial Business
    1. Introductions
Chair Troll welcomed everyone.

    1. Approval of Minutes General Meeting August 7, 2013
08/07/13 minutes approved with motion from Hilda Cordova-Ayala and second by Sonia Kroth.

    1. Treasurer Report , Catherine Stanley
Treasurer Catherine Stanley reported that there is $938.08 in treasury.

    1. Announcements
City council candidates Neil Andrews and David Swaffar introduced themselves.

  1. New Business

  1. Volunteer Ventura, Avenue Adult Center: Denise Sindelar, Community Partnerships Manager, talked about events coming to the Adult Center on the corner of Ventura Avenue and Center St. She asked everyone to join Volunteer Ventura and assist in transforming the lawn at the adult center to a beautiful wildlife habitat of climate-friendly, native plants. There will be three phases. September 28 from 9 to 11am and from 11 to 1pm for removal of the grass. The next two phases will be on October 19 from 9 to 12, and then on November 16 to complete. The purpose is to help replace the water-thirsty lawn with a climate-friendly garden, and wildlife habitat at the Ventura Avenue Adult Center. This whole process consists in removing the lawn, digging a bioswale, planting native plants, and putting down mulch. The city is looking for local landscapers to help with the design. You can register to volunteer at Click on Calendar of upcoming volunteer opportunities. Or call 805-652-4555.

    1. Kellogg Park: Jackie Pearce talked about creating a smart environment to be a big part of designing the Kellogg Park. To have native landscapes as well as turf for children to play on. This would be nice for the park theme. Also starting on September 18 there will be the first Farmer’s Market at the park from 3 to 7 p.m. This way people coming home from work will be able to shop on their way home. The market will be every Wednesday. They are looking for local vendors to come to sell their produce. She also announced that there will be public bathrooms for the park. They would like to make the park the most water friendly park in the city of Ventura. There will be no parking for the park. Children will be able to use work in the park as part of their community service for school.
    1. Ventura County Star Election Coverage: Arlene Martinez from the Ventura County Star reported that up-to-date coverage of the campaigns for city council is available in the paper and online. There will be live debate coverage on the paper’s website. For online access, go to

    1. Avenue Library Community Needs Survey: Laura Paine from the Avenue Library asked to do a survey of the residents for what kind of programs adults and children would like at the library.

    1. West Ventura HEAL Zone: Letty Alvarez from Ventura County Public Health announced the next meeting on September 24 will include a report-out to Kaiser Permanent representatives, in which the community reports to Kaiser what has been achieved and what challenges have come up in the first year of the three-year grant.

    1. The WAY (Westside Avenue Youth): The youth organization WAY (Westside Avenue Youth) came to speak about getting other kids in the neighborhood to become a part of the community to make it a better place to live in and be proud of. They want to get middle school kids interested in the neighborhood. They are talking to other youth groups across the nation to see what projects they work on and any advice they can give. Jim Rice from Bell Arts Factory said they will let the group meet there, and they will have healthy meals for the kids. They will also give any equipment the group might need at their disposal.

    1. Farm to Table movement: Gerardo Gallegos from the community garden group and Restore, Ventura, reported that they had a great first workshop/food giveaway at Westpark. They had excess fruits and vegetables that were exchanged among participating individuals and groups. He announced that on September 14 there will be a free compost workshop from 9 to 11. The group needs garden tools. If you are interested, contact Gerardo through his email:

  1. Updates
    1. Patrol Watch, Ventura Police Department
Questions or Reports? Call VPD.
    1. General # 805-339-4400
    2. Sgt. Harbert, 805-339-4429
    3. Sgt. Fournell, 805-339-4470
    4. Corporal Corbin, 805-339-4400, x1163
    5. Corporal Hixon, 805-339, 4400, x1166

    1. Community Preservation (Code Enforcement), Andrew Stuffler, Chief Building Official with the City of Ventura, told the group about code violations from July to August. These consisted of abandoned vehicles, property containing refuse, garbage, sleeping in vehicles, and illegal land use. These were all in the Westside area. To see more go to the city’s web site.
        1. Debris Removal Hotline (trash, debris, etc.) 805-677-3999
        2. For information contact Jamie Arnold, Senior Preservation Inspector, Code Enforcement, 805-654-7825,
        3. Graffiti Hotline805-654-7805.
    2. Hill Slide/Selby Open Space/Mission Aqueduct, Virgil Nelson, Theresa Satterfield, Sonia Kroth
Sonia Kroth reported that Selby and the hillside group hope to meet on September 27 to discuss more about preventing the hillside from sliding.
    1. Arts Updates – and Westside First Friday, Sept.6 , Jim Rice
Jim Rice from Bell Arts Factory said they have been busy with First Fridays. This is from 6 to 9pm. All studios are open to the public.

    1. Latino Community Updates (VAULT), Hilda Cordova-Ayala
Hilda Cordova Ayala told the group that with the help of Tomas Luna, the Latin community wanted to be ambassadors of the park. Their goals are to represent the community, focus on the park and deliver results, communicate with the community, involve people to work together, provide a sense of community and fun, and be responsible for the park to keep it clean and safe.

    1. Communications and Outreach, Stephen DeBaun
No updates at this time.

    1. Westside Planning/Revitalization Committee: Sherry Cargnino, Committee Secretary, reported that there will be an October meeting on the 10th at 6:30 at the Bell Arts Factory to discuss the Westside plan, looking at how to integrate the WCC's Westside Vision. Also, Lori announced that on October 29 at 6:30pm there will be a meeting for the Housing Authority planned expansion for Westview.

    1. Habitat for Humanity, Felipe Flores
For information, contact Felipe – Also, volunteers and Restore contributions welcome.

    1. Project Understanding, Jim Duran said there would be free financial education & counseling starting Oct 3. If you are interested, contact Christine Sztukowski at (805) 484-1011 ext 107 or via email at . They are working with the Chamber of Commerce on October 5 for a workshop to help with job interviews. They also now run six of the 13 tutoring sites in the City of Ventura. They have housed six more residents that were homeless.

    1. State Assemblyman Das Williams’ Office update, Amisha De Young
No updates at this time.

    1. Westside Development Corp, Curtis Cormane
No update at this time.
    1. Announcements/Comments/Correspondence

Miguel Rodriguez with CAUSE announced that a city council candidates forum is on tap on September 26 (later changed to Oct. 17) at 6pm at E.P. Foster Elementary School. The WCC will assist in this.

Two residents asked why there are speed bumps on streets in other parts of the city but not on the Westside. There are no crosswalks on Ramona, and the bus picks up the kids on the street. The accident rates in the city are highest here on the Westside also. One resident has had her car hit many times lately.

    1. Adjournment : Art adjourned the meeting at 7:33

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