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2013 Board Nominees

Hilda Cordova-Ayala

My name is Hilda Cordova Ayala, proud Westside resident for 13 years. I have two kids members of the Westside Avenue Youth (W.A.Y.). I have been involved in my children's school such as being a member in School Site Council, and ELAC DELAC where I represented the Latino parents. Last year I got elected as a Board member of the WCC and one of my priorities was to outreach and engage the Latino families to be integrated in our diverse and vibrant community. Cooperating together as a team we will achieve any goals to create   a positive change in our WESTSIDE!

Steve DeBaun

When I joined last year, we had few members.  I created the Outreach Committee to change this.  I built this website, created a Facebook page, grew our email list, and opened this election.

We now have 300+ members – but we should have thousands.  Elect me, and we can!

Cuando me incorporé el año pasado, teniamos pocos miembros. He creado el Comité de alcance comunitario para cambiar esto. Yo construí este sitio web, una página en Facebook, crecí nuestra lista de correo electrónico, y abrí esta elección.

Ahora tenemos 300+ miembros, pero debemos tener miles. Elíjame, y podemos juntos!

Gerardo Gallegos

I have lived here most of   my life and have seen the passing seasons both good and bad.   I seek the change on the westside that has been long awaited by all of us who have lived here any amount of time. By being a part of the WCC I will strive to make that change for my family and yours.

I live on the Avenue because I love the people, I love the community and I believe that together we can make a change. All we need is Faith, Hope & Love...

Tomas Luna

(no statement yet)

Shayna Metzner

(no statement yet)

Suz Montgomery

As a current resident of the Westside of Ventura and a Board member of the Westside Community Council, I would like to be considered for another term.

Currently, the senior population of the Westside has neither visibility nor representation. I would like to represent their needs and concerns as a community member.

I am a full time educator with VUSD for the past ten years in specializing in Senior Education.

I respectfully ask for your vote to represent and be a strong voice in advocacy for the WCC and seniors on the Westside.

Jackie Micaela Pearce

Through out the 30+ years that I have been a Westside resident  I have been  a student, tutor,  renter, homeowner, teacher, parent,  volunteer, and park  activist.    I feel that my experiences in all such roles gives me credibility to serve  and represent  the community  that I so passionately and humbly respect. As a Westside Community Council Board Member I would to do my best to ensure that all decisions made would be reflective of the community's needs while maintaining it's known character and authenticity.

Maria Perez

(no statement yet)

Jim Rice

Jim Rice is the current President & Executive Director of Bell Arts Factory.  He is a present board member of the Westside Community Council, Kaiser Heal Zone Coalition and the Kellogg Park Committee, as well as being a past founding member of DVO.  Jim has been a community leader and business owner since his arrival in Ventura in 2004.

Miguel Rodriguez

My name is Miguel Rodriguez, I started working on the Westside three years ago.  . I now call this my community.  I believe that my skills can help contribute to the betterment of our neighborhood.  I have helped bring many people together to improve the neighborhood. I am excited to help create more leaders in the community and also establish working relationships within the city.   I have a tried and proven track record which has brought results. I am a dedicated, motivated, and energetic individual who is eager to make a difference. Please vote for me.

Theresa Satterfield

 I am currently Co-Chair on the Avenue Hillslide Prevention Committee (AHPC), sub-committee of the WCC .  I am seeking election to the Board to continue the positive AHPC work. The Committee has engaged in conversations with the stakeholders. I am encouraged that this process will lead to a resolution beneficial to the Westside.     The AHPC helped form the Selby Open Space Project Committee involving the landowners, the County, and the City, all focused on the future benefit of the hill to the Westside and Ventura.     I will work hard as a WCC team player  for the common good of the Westside.

Cathy Stanley

(no statement yet)

Lori Steinhauer


I am a WCC board member and longtime Westside resident, homeowner, and business owner.

My vision for the Westside:

We keep growing stronger and healthier as a vital, balanced, sustainable, connected, eclectic community - a place that feels good, safe and respectful for all who live and visit here.

We resolve to work, play, and problem-solve together with openness, integrity and a sense of fun.

  • Currently Westside Community Council Secretary and Revitalization/Westside Planning Committee Co-chair
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Former Director of Ventura County Partnership for Safe Families and Communities

Art Troll

I have lived on the Westside for almost 28 years . Since joining the WCC   I have served as Chair of the Revitalization Committee, Vice Chair and   Chair of WCC.

We have accomplished much this past year and we continue to have a great relationship with our community, community partners, City Council, city staff and the VPD as we move Westside forward.

All this has happened because of the many dedicated people who care about our Westside and are willing to work together to reach our goals.

Together we can create a healthy and safe environment for all.

Eric Werbalowsky

I appreciate the expanded diversity on our WCC board and general membership. I will work to further grow our organization through more neighborhood organizing and grassroots programs, especially those which serve youth and park needs.

I’m a founding member of WCC, and have experience on other community non-profit boards, including: CAPS-TV, Ventura Growing Circles, Green Action Group and Kids Garden Brigade. I’ve served WCC board on executive, membership and communication committees. I’ve also worked to organize and engage residents in our Westside and City vision plans. I aim to work with neighbors to make positive changes where we live.

Celia Zavala

My name is Celia Zavala and I'm a 20 year resident of the Ventura Avenue and president of the Resident's Association of the Housing Authority property at Westview. I have a daughter and believe that our neighborhood is our greatest asset. I believe that my abilities to run meetings and experience in dealing with residents can help improve the Avenue. Please vote for me.

Hola mi nombre es Celia Zavala, he vivido 20 anos en la Avenida en Westview. Yo tengo experiencia con juntas y soy presidente de la propiedad de Westview. Gracias por su voto.


  1. thanks stevo, sharon, lori, and other members who are putting this democratic process into action. it takes a bit of work and lots of collaboration to get it going, but here it is, and we all appreciate it.

  2. Beautiful! I need to submit a statement too :-)