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Every year, the Westside Community Council elects a new Board of Directors.  Those Directors are responsible for most of the decisions that WCC makes.  Any member can be a Director.  Can you?

If you want to run for Director, please pay attention to these cutoff dates!  We try to cram a lot of mailing and counting into a very short amount of time, so deadlines matter.


Nominations Close
23 October @ 5PM
Member Registration Cutoff
Balloting Begins
Nominees Speak
24 October (Election Kickoff)
Ballots Mailed
25 October
Final Ballots Collected & Tallied
6 November (Nov Meeting)

We are still accepting nominees!  The current nominees are as follows:

From the Floor
These people have been nominated for the Board by the membership.

Maria Perez
Eric Werbalowsky
Gerardo Gallegos
Miguel Rodriguez
Celia Zavala
Nominating Committee
The current board's nominating committee has select the following nominees.

Art Troll
Lori Steinhauer
Suz Montgomery
Steve DeBaun
Jim Rice
Hilda Cordova-Ayala
Tomas Luna
Cathy Stanley
Jackie Micaela Pearce
Shayna Metzner
Theresa Satterfield 

The elections take place in person and by mail over the course of several weeks.  The first step is figuring out who we're voting for...

Who Can Vote

Anyone who has filled out a membership form this year is eligible to vote.  You can still become a member up until the day the voting starts, at the election party!  FOR 2013, THIS IS on 24 October.

To become a member, either:


Any member can nominate any other member -- including themselves -- for a seat on the Board of Directors.  You have two ways to become nominated:

1. In person, at the designated First Wednesday meeting before the election.  FOR 2013, this is the First Wednesday on 2 October.

2. At this online form, up to the day before we print the ballots.  FOR 2013: 5PM on 23 October.

Each nominee will be asked to submit a statement and a link to a picture.  These will be shared on our email list, web site, and Facebook page.  The deadline for this is the same as the nomination deadline.

Election Kickoff

FOR 2013: on 24 October.

The election starts at our Election Kickoff party.  Each nominee will get equal time to speak.  Ballots will be provided, and members may begin voting.

We will publish video of these speeches so everyone can see them!

Mailing the Ballots

FOR 2013: on 27 October.

We then mail a ballot to each member who has not voted yet.  Those ballots may be either mailed to us, or brought to the "Counting Party" described below.

Mailed ballots should go to:

Westside Community Council
35 W Main Street
Suite B #377
Ventura, CA 93001

To ensure that the greatest number of votes can be collected, we space out the voting over a two-week period.

Counting Party

FOR 2013: First Wednesday on 6 November.

At the next First Wednesday after the Election Kickoff, we will collect the final ballots, and tally the final results.

Announcing the Winners

The new Directors will be announced at the meeting and by email immediately after the Counting Party.  They will begin their terms in January of the next year.

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